Three Ways To Enjoy The Process In A Goal-Oriented World

Three Ways To Enjoy The Process In A Goal-Oriented World

via Forbes by Kayleigh Christina

Happiness exists in the journey, not the end result. 

Does this sound familiar? You spend weeks, months, maybe even years working toward a big goal. You think, When I achieve this goal, I will finally feel happy, like I finally made it, and all this hard work was worth it. Then you achieve the goal only to realize the feeling isn’t as overwhelming exciting as you thought it would be. Your mind is already set on the next goal ready to achieve it. 

Or how about when you don’t achieve a goal? It changes your mood, you have thoughts of giving up and you start comparing yourself to others. 

These are all signs that you are focused on the end result goal, and not finding joy in the process of growth. 

To remain in a healthy mindset, we need to understand the power of enjoying the process rather than achieving the goal itself. Growth doesn’t happen by the physical achievement of the goal. It happens while working toward that goal. The ups, downs, pivots and learning lessons are what make achieving the goal worth it in the first place. 

The thought of “I am not enough” runs rampant through society. With the highlight reels on social media, we are in a constant state of comparison and seeing other people’s achievements, comparing them to our own. We need not put all of our happiness into achieving goals but instead in the process. Let’s focus on the constant growth and challenges that are overcome when working to achieve the goals.

Here are three ways to bring more joy into the process…

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