Meaning, One Moment at a Time

Meaning, One Moment at a Time

via Psychology Today by Michael Steger

Out here in Northern Colorado, the fraying of our global climate has been felt in tenacious droughts, soul-shattering forest fires, and the fact that the three noticeable episodes of precipitation we’ve gotten since spring were all snowstorms. In September and October, the weather pattern was bizarre. Before both snowstorms, the temperature was hot, the wind was powerful, the sky was orange and gray with smoke, the air was brown and filled with ash and cinders, then the next day it would snow.article continues after advertisement

The political climate and the surging COVID-19 pandemic both reinforced the feeling that giant gears were spinning out of control somewhere and that my little life was an insignificant bit of cast-off shrapnel.

On more than one of these recent days, finding some grand, cosmic meaning in everything was a bridge too far.

Little invitations to find meaningSource: Photo by Michael F. Steger, PhD

It has been the little things, the passing moments, the ephemeral scenes captured only for an instant that have given life meaning. Snowfall, however strange in September, brought clean air, whitewashed the layer of ash coating everything, and scattered glinting crystals across leaves on trees and the drooping seedheads of prairie grasses. Yes, it also brought skidding cars, slow traffic, and shoveling, but it gave us a new world to look at, one with pristine beauty to replace the beleaguered scenery of life underneath a giant smoke plume…

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