How You Can Quickly Enjoy More Happiness: 7 Positive Tips

How You Can Quickly Enjoy More Happiness: 7 Positive Tips

via Forbes by Nancy F Clark

Do you want to become happier? Do you think that life’s current situations do not allow that? I want you to know that becoming happier is possible and I’m going to give you seven ways to accomplish this.

1) Do You Want To Start With A Major Jump?

You may think, “I’ll be happier when I have a better place to live, or when I have a newer car.” but these thoughts are delaying your happiness. If you make the decision, “I have decided to become happier now.” you’ve taken a major happiness jump! 

2) Grab A Piece Of Paper

Now on this blank piece of paper I want you to write 3 things that you’ve been grateful for in the last 24 hours. You may be tempted to use a device rather than a piece of paper, but that would actually be less effective. Research has shown when you write by hand it uses an additional part of your brain. Record the details of why each thing made you grateful and add the emotions you felt.  

3) How To Handle A Problem

When you’re faced with a problem that needs your intervention, what should you do? You may be thinking about an affirmation, such as, “I can fix it! I can fix it!” The problem with this is that your negative little self-talking fairy may be saying, “Remember that time when you failed?” 

Instead, research has shown that saying, “Can I fix it?” opens creative avenues in your brain, sometimes allowing you to find multiple solutions. So begin handling your problems in this Albert Einstein way. You’re creatively solving problems and reducing the stress they incurred…

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