Stories of hope, resilience and inspiration during the coronavirus pandemic

Stories of hope, resilience and inspiration during the coronavirus pandemic

Not all that surprisingly, I’ve been approached by and I’ve spoken to many people in recent months about how to hold on to hope and happiness. It’s not easy; but it is possible. And so I’ve done my best to share stories and tips about resilience and optimism. Here’s another good one…

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Bisma Farooq Sheikh

Coronavirus Lockdown: Boon or Bane
“Treat lock down as Boon rather than Bane. This is a golden opportunity to have a great time with family… It is the best time for dual earner couples to spend time with each other. It is an opportunity for kids to have a great time with parents. It is an opportunity to learn new skills. It is an opportunity to enjoy life. Give time to your hobby like gardening, writing, drawing. It is an opportunity to cherish with friends online, it’s time to enjoy more sleep… Life has too much to offer provided we have the right mindset.”

Aimee Karam

“It is not about the virus per se, nor about the stress of being confined at home. It is about a large part of the Lebanese people, who due to the current challenging economic crisis and the confinement decreed in the face of the virus adversity, is suffering from fear, loneliness, deep poverty and hunger in times of a deadly pandemic. Living in Lebanon nowadays is an act of surviving adversities in a country of a panoply of human paradoxes, simultaneously inhaling and exhaling tragedies, irreverence but also magnificent and heroic efforts of solidarity. A sense of fundamental anchor is being created where safety and bonding keep the miracle of life alive. One million dollars in one hour, broke the record on the first day of a fundraising campaign with explosions of happiness. Three associations, sharing the values of transparency, political independence, integrity and non-discrimination, joined forces to organize this fundraising, soliciting the Lebanese diaspora in the United States to join hands to help the most disadvantaged. The sum raised has covered boxes of food for 50,000 families, around 175,000 people for one month. People, with an incredible devotion, are distributing boxes of food with love and compassion towards their compatriots with one uniting message: Food is a human right, no one should be hungry!”

Lina Fernanda Vélez Botero

“In Valle del Cauca, Colombia, psychology leaders who represent the partnership built between the Colombian Association of Psychologists (COLPSIC) and various universities in the region have made it possible for mental health attention to be a priority for citizens and healthcare workers. This was developed within the department’s mental health committee against Covid-19 and in governmental strategies available for the community. Through the creation of a platform called, the Valle and the Paciific Region community not only have access to care services for their physical health with medical personnel, but also, through the module called Emotional Well-Being, they can access free tele-counseling services to promote emotional well-being. It seeks to offer a model of multidisciplinary care for the community during this health emergency, with a focus on mental health prevention and promotion, also integrating the early detection of complications. For psychology, this is an action of great social impact that responds to current global challenges such as making visible the needs of mental health in the face of the emergency, interdisciplinary work for community welfare in a dialogue of knowledge with other professions such as engineers, psychiatrists and doctors, and achieving an inter-institutional alliance with the public and governmental sectors of Colombia.”

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