Getting more of this could improve your happiness immediately

Getting more of this could improve your happiness immediately

via the Ladders by John Anderer

Each person’s time on this planet can be likened to a rollercoaster ride, filled with highs and lows. No one’s life is 100% perfect and great all the time, but it’s those bad times that help us appreciate and savor the good moments. 

However, if you find yourself unable to find joy in and appreciate those good moments and positive experiences, a new study may have just uncovered why. Researchers from the University of British Columbia have found that an inadequate sleep schedule can seriously influence how one reacts to both positive and negative events.

In short, if an individual isn’t getting enough sleep, they won’t feel as much joy or contentment when good things happen to them. Similarly, in the event of something negative occurring, that person will react more emotionally and irrationally.

“When people experience something positive, such as getting a hug or spending time in nature, they typically feel happier that day,” explains study author Nancy Sin, assistant professor in UBC’s department of psychology, in a university release. “But we found that when a person sleeps less than their usual amount, they don’t have as much of a boost in positive emotions from their positive events.”

Lack of sleep quite literally robs us of our ability to feel joy, researchers say. That’s a scary notion, and it may just cause the night owls of the world to reconsider their routines…

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