Hacking Your Way To A More Mindful Day

Hacking Your Way To A More Mindful Day

via Forbes by Jim Vaselopulos

We now live in a world where there are so many things we “need” that are far beyond what was necessary to lead a happy and productive life just a few years ago — fast internet, smartphones, Netflix and social media, to name a few. And to lead the inspired, fulfilled and healthy lifestyle that is expected of anyone in the “age of Instagram” we need to know and do so much more than we used to on a daily basis. We can no longer just buy things that we like; we should also know if the materials were sustainably sourced or if our food was environmentally grown by workers who were paid a fair wage. While important, these admirable goals have a tax on our time and mindshare.

All of these complications and additions to daily life have taken their toll on whatever free time we might have had when life was much simpler. In fact, there are movements around essentialism, mindfulness and minimalism that are finding great support as people struggle to balance time, meaning and priority in their lives.

I’m not one to have an excess of time. I’ve never been that way, nor do I ever expect to be that way. I could count my age with the fingers on both hands the last time I ever uttered the phrases “I’m bored” or “I don’t have anything to do.” On top of that, I personally struggle with practices like meditation from both a time and efficacy standpoint. So how can we find the time to be more mindful and purposeful in our lives? Perhaps the following mindfulness hack will help you find some hidden meaning in simple daily activities you are already committed to doing.

For just about every functioning adult, our morning routines track a similar pattern. We wake up, we clean up, we brush our teeth and get ready for the day. After a few years, this procedure becomes so habitual that it has a robotic feel. My suggestion for hacking your way to a more mindful day is simple: Give meaning to some of these seemingly meaningless tasks…

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