How to Create Multiple Happiness Streams in Your Life

How to Create Multiple Happiness Streams in Your Life

via Entrepreneur by Thomas Edwards Jr

When it comes to increasing financial wealth, many experts have said it’s wise to diversify and create multiple streams of revenue or cash flow.

The same goes for increasing happiness

Happiness is the biggest challenge I see entrepreneurs struggle with as their business grows. There are many things that go by the wayside in the rest of their lives that impact their overall happiness and wellbeing as they focus on their business to make it more successful, secure and valued. They don’t spend a lot of time doing the same thing for their happiness. 

The reality is most people don’t. Instead, they rely on one stream of happiness. Relying on one source creates a dependent relationship and can become troublesome, especially, in the case of a pandemic, if that source becomes unavailable to you. Just like any financial expert will tell you, using that similar mentality won’t be great for your financial success.

A way to resolve this is by creating multiple streams of happiness. 

The following are three key streams of happiness that will level up your business, wellbeing, and fulfillment.

Level one: People

“You’re the average of the five people you spend time with the most.” 

It’s a catchy quote that only matters at a high level. People are the easiest source to tap into your happiness.

If you’re not spending a lot of time with anyone, but specifically those who make you happy, this will severely impact your happiness, business, and eventually, healthLoneliness has proven to be an actual killer and this isn’t something unfamiliar for those taking the lonely entrepreneurial path.

As entrepreneurs, we are very aware of the stories of depression, increased anxiety, lower motivation, and lack of physical care-taking.

To combat that, it’s vital to instill social connection as a daily practice. Having close connections has been proven to lessen susceptibility to premature death, increase the ability to survive a fatal illness, and in day-to-day application, better your ability to handle stressful events.

Creating more social engagement, especially during this pandemic, when we’re not able to be physically close, has become more important than ever. These connections will provide you happiness and joy. Studies have shown even talking to strangers can make you happier. This is the complete opposite of what we’ve been taught growing up. Yet, your business and future are dependent on connecting with strangers.

In addition, this stream includes the people you want coming into your life as you continue to move forward in yours. Who are those people who will be in your circle? They can be made up of possible mentors, influencers, friends, and associates who have strengths you’d like to improve in your life. 

Whether or not you have close relationships with them, are having conversations with them over zoom, or just shooting a text, having social engagement is vital to your health and happiness stream. 

Level two: Places

We have the ability to create or go to environments that bring us joy. During a pandemic, you may feel limited in where those places are. Let’s take a look at three types of environments…

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