Do You Even Really Know What You Want In Life?

Do You Even Really Know What You Want In Life?

via Forbes by Celinne Da Costa

Ask yourself this question: “What does wealth and success really mean to me?” If you’re like most people, the answer is probably something along the lines of a giant mansion, private jets, designer clothes, and luxury cars.

For the longest time, that’s what it meant to me too. That’s also what I thought I wanted. After all, how can you call yourself successful unless you’re sipping martinis on a 5-star resort beach in Jamaica?

What You Really Want vs. What You Think You Want

I worked harder during my first years of business than ever before. I spent every day chasing numbers and watching my income slowly rise. I sought recognition and tried to book myself onto as many of the top 100 podcasts as possible. I’d receive dozens of messages from my followers telling me how much I changed their lives. It stroked my ego, but didn’t lead to any sort of meaningful fulfillment.

“I’ll relax once it’s over,” I told myself. “Work hard now and rest later.” 

I don’t know where that mindset started, but it’s prevalent throughout the business world, especially in startups. Places like Silicon Valley are known for churning workers through the grinder (so to speak) with 60+ hour workweeks until they finally burn out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met someone who bragged about working an ungodly number of hours each week.

“Forty hours a week? Yeah, I remember my first part-time job,” one of my old colleagues once remarked.

Those comments might sound silly, but I could relate. It’s easy to fall into that mindset because, as everyone believes, more time working equals more results. 

But my body was screaming for help. I knew I needed rest and time for myself. I needed about a million things that had nothing to do with business – being in nature, sitting on the porch with a good book, spending time with my loved ones, and so on. 

How To Find Out What You Really Want

It’s not uncommon for young workers or entrepreneurs to feel a sense of disillusionment after a few years on the job. We all start our first day bright-eyed and thinking about all the wonderful things our future may bring. But reality often isn’t like that…

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