This Finnish Approach to Daily Life Can Help You Deal With Difficult Times

This Finnish Approach to Daily Life Can Help You Deal With Difficult Times

via TreeHugger by Starre Vartan

Can our understanding of the world be influenced by the language we use to describe it? It seems intuitively true, but not all linguists agree on this point.

What we do know for sure is that some languages have words for ideas or concepts that don’t exist in other languages. Words from various Nordic languages have been enjoying their moment in the sun — think hygge (which is “cozy” on steroids and for all areas of your life) or lagom (an all-encompassing moderation in life).

And now, from Finland, we have sisu (pronounced see-soo). This simple word has been defined as a variant or expansion on the idea of grit or determination. But like the other popular Nordic words, sisu is much bigger than a singular concept. “It’s a mindset, or life philosophy,” explains researcher Emilia Lahti in the TEDx video below. She says big concepts like integrity and honesty are closer to the scope of what sisu means. Sisu is a way of approaching life.

It’s been around for a very long time — “centuries,” says Lahti. Learning this life philosophy starts early: “We learn sisu before we learn to talk or walk.”

Importantly, sisu is not just about being “tough” in the face of challenges; to really build strength, fortitude needs to be practiced on a regular basis. So Sisu isn’t merely a certain reaction to a life event, it’s a proactive preparation for them…

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