13 Habits Of Mentally Tough People

13 Habits Of Mentally Tough People

Life can be hard at times. Being happy isn’t always easy. But there are things we can all do to boost our positive emotions, like happiness, to be resilient and to live better more often. These “things” are often associated with mental toughness, grit, resilience and other positive psychology constructs and this article outlines some good ones…

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“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

Mental toughness is paramount for achieving any lofty goal or overcoming extreme hurdles. Few great things in this world come without a little bit of adversity. Nothing amazing happens inside our comfort zones. Whether we are talking about earning a promotion, nurturing a challenged marriage, mastering a sport, building or saving a small business, battling disease, dealing with the loss of a loved one, raising children, or hunting terrorists, some suffering will always be attached. That’s why the things we love and work hard for are rewarding.

The psychological traits of grit and resilience have been widely researched but still pose a challenge as it relates to how we actually develop mental toughness. My new book – Embrace the Suck: The Navy SEAL Way to an Extraordinary Life – being released on December 22, 2020, is about resilience and poses several questions: How do we build resilience? Do some people have larger sums in their resilience bank accounts than others? How can we make more deposits than withdrawals? Does it happen naturally over time or can we train ourselves to be more mentally tough? The overarching answer is simple. Resilience is like any muscle. With focus and determination—and some of the habits in this article—you can strengthen your mind to overcome any obstacle, crush goals, dominate your battlefield, and live an extraordinary life.

There are many habits you can develop to improve your mental toughness. In fact, the hallmarks of mentally tough people are actually strategies that anyone can practice every day.

Mentally tough people…

1 – Love a good challenge:

Mentally tough people view obstacles as a challenge, not as a paralyzing event. They look at their failures and mistakes as lessons to be learned from and opportunities for growth. In other words, they embrace obstacles better than others because they lean in.

2 – Practice true commitment:

Resilient people are committed to their lives and goals. They have a compelling reason to get out of bed in the morning – which is usually early! They are not easily deterred or distracted by “opportunities” that are unrelated to their desired outcomes.

3 – Focus on what is in their control:

Resilient people spend their time and energy focusing on situations and events that they have control over. And because they put their efforts where they can have the most impact, they feel empowered and confident.

4 – Thrive on adversity:

The people that exhibit the highest degrees of mental toughness, not only navigate adversity well, they THRIVE on it. They are more uncomfortable inside their comfort zone than when they venture out. They know how to transform volatility, uncertainty, and pain into a useful energy force.

5 – Understand the importance of emotional intelligence:

Emotional intelligence is the bedrock of mental toughness. You cannot be mentally tough without the ability to fully understand and tolerate strong negative emotions and do something productive with them. Moments that test your mental toughness are ultimately testing your emotional intelligence (EQ)…

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