This is the secret to maintaining happiness according to psychologists

This is the secret to maintaining happiness according to psychologists

via the Ladders by C W Headley

All reasoned indications suggest an uncomfortable era ahead.

In the wake of an economic-health crisis hybrid, it’s important to find ways to preserve a piece of mind in a country that feels like a tinderbox.  

A new study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience elects a multifaceted method of elevating our mood during trying times. Ironically enough, stability is at least co-authored by spontaneity. The authors of the new paper found that individuals who make room for novel experiences daily just as often enrich their moods for the better. 

In ethology, roaming entropy examines the relationship between exploration and brain plasticity  (the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of experience).

For the sake of the new study, a low entropy day was defined as a day primarily spent at home while a high entropy day denoted traversing a neighborhood and covering new ground.

From the report: 

“Experiential diversity promotes well-being in animal models. Here, using geolocation tracking, experience sampling, and neuroimaging, we found that daily variability in physical location was associated with an increased positive effect in humans. This effect was stronger for individuals who exhibited greater functional coupling of the hippocampus and striatum. These results link diversity in real-world daily experiences to fluctuations in positive affect and identify a hippocampal–striatal circuit associated with this bidirectional relationship.”

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