You Shouldn’t Have To Sacrifice Your Mental Health To Achieve Your Goals

You Shouldn’t Have To Sacrifice Your Mental Health To Achieve Your Goals

via Forbes by Brianna Wiest

When it comes to ambition, it’s easy to allow big visions to eclipse our needs.

In fact, burnout is reaching epidemic levels in our workforce. In 2019, some studies estimated that over two-thirds of employees experienced symptoms.

Unrealistic demands and a lack of healthy work-life balance can partially be to blame, but so can accelerating ambition.

In fact, it is likely that the points at which you have experienced the most severe burnout are, ironically, the times in which you are most trying to move your life forward into a healthier, happier and more stable place.

You want to achieve greater degrees of financial freedom, so you take on a side-gig.

You want a promotion, so you take on a new project.

You want to push your brand to the next level, so you start putting all of your attention on media, and following, and content.

None of this is problematic on its own, but what begins to happen is that we assume our ambitions should be all-consuming. We know that big dreams require big work to back them, but when does all of that work start to hit a tipping point and negatively impact our mental wellness?

More importantly, can we ever really justify that?

The answer is no.

Progress at the expense of your mental health is not real progress. It is the continuation of the old patterns of behavior that got you stuck in the first place.

Sometimes, the reason why we aren’t quite achieving what we want to be is not because we are incapable, but because we cannot push ourselves beyond our capacity, past our limits, and to the very edges of our tolerance long-term; it’s simply not a sustainable way to exist.

This is how to figure out whether or not your goals are actually healthy for you.

How to figure out what is a good goal for you

How do you select your goals?

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