Want To Upgrade Your Life? Apply These Five Positive Psychology Tools

Want To Upgrade Your Life? Apply These Five Positive Psychology Tools

Is now the time for happiness? Maybe; maybe not.

Is now the time to just get through each day; one day at a time? Maybe

Is now the time to learn and grow and better your life? Sure, if you can

Happiness, self-development, growth and improvement are all incredibly valuable IF you have the time and energy (but if you don’t, don’t be hard on yourself). Either way, these positive psychology tools are well worth reviewing and even if you can just do a little of what’s recommended, every little bit counts…

via Forbes by Avinash Anand Singh

Psychology was focused on treating, preventing and curing issues related to mental health and psychological behaviors for a long time. It was a model that was only focused on repair work and not on strengthening the factors which lead to the highest degree of growth and well-being.

In 1998, Dr. Peter Seligman and Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi helped popularize the concept of positive psychology and shifted the focus to studying a person’s strengths instead of their weaknesses. If you are reading this article, then somewhere you have a deep desire to change some aspect of your life or enhance the quality of the life you are living now. Below, I share five simple yet powerful positive psychology tools that can help. Try to utilize these tools in sequence and spend one week practicing each.

1. Forgiveness

No matter who you are, life brings moments in which someone hurts you. You may encounter trauma, abuse or pain. Keeping those emotions active inside you can cause real damage in the long-term. Research shows that there are numerous disadvantages of not forgiving people and many benefits come from forgiving those who have harmed us.

Action step: Week one is for practicing forgiveness. It’s a simple process. Make a list of people who you wish to forgive. Write a letter to each one of them, describing in detail whatever you felt and went through. Then, also mention that you are forgiving them completely. Once done, you can simply burn the letters in an open area. Repeat this exercise throughout the week.

2. Gratitude

The ability to be grateful is one of the most magical powers we possess.¬†Research¬†highlights gratitude’s effectiveness in areas like emotional, mental and physical health. Think of gratitude as an amplifier. The moment we focus our attention and awareness on things we are grateful for, we start investing our energy in them. As a result, we experience a shift in our emotional, mental and physical state. As the saying goes, “What you appreciate in life, appreciates in life and what you don’t appreciate, depreciates.”

Action step: Week two is for practicing gratitude. It’s a two-fold process. Choose a specific time in the morning or at night. Write down one event from your past and three things from the present which you are grateful for. Also, write three things you want to improve your life and express gratitude for them in advance. Repeat this process for at least 21 days…

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