This study says you can train yourself to be happier

This study says you can train yourself to be happier

via the Ladders by CW Headley

Humans are one of the few species on earth capable of consciously experiencing happiness.

Neurologically speaking, happiness is classified as an evolutionary imperative for procreation and survival. Most animals lack the ability to anticipate the beginning and end of the process—by design.

Our advanced, mammalian awareness of pleasure’s limitations is often cited as a double-edged sword but a new paper published in The Journal of Positive Psychology attempts to blunt the other end of the blade. The authors motion that those who make a concerted effort to acknowledge the ebbs and flows of well-being are able to optimize periods of happiness while remaining secure in the face of misfortune.

“Differences in timing and conceptualization of outcome assessments, however, complicate interpretations regarding the practical significance of these effects,” the author wrote in the new paper. “To address this issue, we conducted a systematic literature search and included 34 randomized controlled trials into several meta-analyses. The best-possible-self intervention might be thought of as a mood/expectation induction procedure.”

In other words, when we’re realistic about outcomes we’re better equipped to visualize our best possible future. Unfortunately, the utility of this method is short-lived…

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