10 ideas that will make you feel good about your life

10 ideas that will make you feel good about your life

via the Ladders by Tim Denning

It’s easy to find yourself feeling bad about your life — rather than feel good. Your thoughts can become louder than your actions. Your mind can become a disgusting swamp of negativity that drags you under the surface and makes you feel like you’re drowning from a lack of oxygen.

Breathe. Relax. To start feeling good about life — or better about your life — there are a few ideas that can help. These are the ideas I used while facing unemployment, leaving a startup behind that I loved, and dealing with multiple illnesses.

These ideas can help you feel incredibly good about life again. They’re damn simple too.

Rejection is redirection, not failure

Making a list of your rejections can feel like you’re looking at a list of failures. Your rejections can make you believe you stuffed up or you’re not good enough or Bob that’s always winning beat you again. A tiny idea that changes how you perceive rejection is to see it as redirection.

What if without the rejection, you chose a career that made you hate going to work each day? What if without rejection, you married someone who verbally abused you every day? What if without rejection, you kept trying to be somebody you’re not to impress strangers? The key idea comes down to this:

Rejection might be saving your life and keeping you from harm.

There’s no guarantee that when you have a goal and get accepted as part of the process, the outcome will be the one you want. Rejection has secretly taken away what I don’t want and brought me closer to what I do want. That idea could become true for you too.

Everyone is struggling; it’s just invisible

You’re not alone. Everybody, including Susie with the new job and pink Mini Cooper that matches her shoes, is struggling.

The ones who are winning are likely struggling more.

Once you have success, it can change you. You can work harder to protect what you have instead of becoming grateful or using what you have to inspire others.

Getting what you want can be a curse. One of the best parts of any challenge is the struggle. The struggle builds your mind’s mental muscle. We don’t display huge labels on our heads that tell us who is or isn’t struggling today.

To live is to struggle.

You can enjoy the struggle or hate it. Both realities are possible and you get to position which idea serves you the most.

If you could hear people’s thoughts, you’d see we’re all crazy

Your life can feel like a mess if your thoughts never give you a break. Your mind is always trying to protect you from the next lion ready to attack you, except you’re not a cave man/woman anymore and there isn’t a lion ready to make your pretty face into lunch.

Life can feel that little bit better when you understand just how noisy all our minds are — even the self-gurus in the back preaching mental toughness and pretending to be navy seals.

It’s rare you’ll meet someone without a noisy mind and if you do, well, they’ve probably meditated for a long time to separate their ‘being’ from their mind and experimented with the weird monk philosophy of enlightenment. If you haven’t attended monk school, then perhaps that’s not you…

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