How to control your mind

How to control your mind

Happiness is very much about attitude.

Happiness is very much about optimism and learning how to manage pessimism.

If you can “control” your mind, you can control your happiness…

via Psychology Today by Steven C Hayes

Your mind can be your biggest enemy. On a daily basis, it spews out difficult thoughts like “I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t do it,” robbing your energy, and stopping you from going after your goals and your heart’s deepest desires.

However, believe it or not, your mind is not trying to ruin your life. Instead, it’s trying to make sense of it. Your mind constantly judges your experience in an attempt to make sense of the world and to understand your role within it. article continues after advertisement

Even non-human animals will work to produce signals that tell them they are not going to get much food, or they are likely to be shocked. They’ll work even harder if the news is good, of course, but even if the news is bad, it’s better to know. 

The symbolic mind puts that anxiety yearning on steroids. After all, a coherent and logically sensible world means life becomes more predictable, and thereby more safe.

But here is the problem. Non-human animals “understand” by experience. We “understand” by symbolic thought, which works by this simple rule: Anything can be related to anything in anyway.

Look around the room and pick out two objects. How is the first object you picked the father of the second one you picked?

Try it! You’ll come up with an answer! Maybe even a good one.

I did this recently in a podcast. I saw a glass and a chapstick on my desk and asked that exact question of my host: how is a glass the father of Chapstick. “They mixed the ingredients for the Chapstick in the glass,” my host answered. I asked him to do it in the other direction. “They drew out the plan for making the glass on paper using the Chapstick,” he immediately answered.article continues after advertisement

Anything can be related to anything in any way.

Welcome to the human mind. Its wonderful in terms of creativity or imagining futures that have never been. it is a s**t show in terms of peace of mind or learning by experience…

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