10 Tips To Leap Into 2020 With Success And Happiness

10 Tips To Leap Into 2020 With Success And Happiness

via Forbes by Bryan Robinson

If you’re one of the 60% of American workers who makes New Year resolutions, I have 10 tips for you to consider for 2020. We all know that achieving personal success and happiness depends on having proper balance between work and personal time. But in today’s hectic world, where you must do more in less time and with fewer resources, that goal can seem impossible to attain. When you frame your priorities and cultivate mindfulness in daily life, you realign and relearn what truly matters so you can still excel at your goals without sacrificing your joy. Here are 10 ways to Chill and achieve personal success and happiness in 2020.

  • Amp Up Self-Care

When overdoing outweighs self-care, it’s time to invest in your own well-being. Chances are you were taught that self-sacrifice is a virtue, that putting yourself last is a character strength. But hold on. Always putting yourself at the end of the line is a grave disservice that actually works against you. Self-care makes your use of time more sustainable. It’s important to avoid gobble, gulp and go. Healthy eating, rest and regular exercise give you the stamina to withstand any challenge a fast paced life throws at you. Take good care of yourself first, and you will have more to give to others and to your personal goals.

  • Indulge Yourself

When was the last time you soaked in a hot bath or indulged in a restorative activity that rejuvenates your mind and body and restores your success juices? Italians practice something called, “il dolce far niente”—roughly translated “the sweetness of doing nothing.” Doing nothing is like the integral pauses to a beautiful piece of music. Without absences of sound, music would be just noise. It’s counter-intuitive, but doing nothing provides an incubation period for important decisions, giving you more clarity to put into your personal goals. Make a 15 or 20 minute appointment with yourself, and schedule personal time—a hobby, hot bath, manicure, yoga, facial, reading, a sport, massage or meditation…

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