7 reasons you need big mental muscles to be happy

7 reasons you need big mental muscles to be happy

Happiness and success can be synonymous.

They’re not always, of course; but many of the contributors to success will also lead to happiness.

So this article about building “mental muscles” and “success” is, I believe, very relevant to those of us interested in and keen to create more happiness…

via Inc.com by Amy Morin

Mental strength is something everyone possesses to a certain degree. But no matter how strong you are, there’s always room to build bigger mental muscles.

The stronger you become, the more likely you are to create the life of your dreams. After all, you need mental strength to big goals

Here are seven ways building bigger mental muscles will help you succeed:

1. Mental muscles regulate your emotions.

Life is full of emotional lows and highs. A major key to being successful is controlling the way you react to those inevitable ups and downs.

Without healthy emotional regulation skills, your feelings will cloud your judgment and affect your performance. Knowing how to calm yourself down, face your fears, and cheer yourself up is key to getting through challenges. 

2. Mental muscles help you keep going.

Motivation comes and goes. It’s your mental muscles that will help you keep moving long after your desire to press on has ceased.

When you have big mental muscles, you’ll be able to dig deep when you’re tired or when you lack ambition. It will help keep you moving toward your goal, even when you don’t feel like it.

3. Mental muscles extinguish self-doubt.

Whether your ambition is to double your business revenue or you want to conquer a new fitness challenge, self-doubt will likely creep in. 

But when you have big mental muscles, you’ll know you can’t believe everything you think. While you might never eliminate all self-doubt, building more mental strength will help you ignore unproductive self-talk…

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