5 things happy people know

5 things happy people know

via Forbes by Jodie Cook

Happiness can be contagious. Infectious. Always seeing the positives or being able to make the best of any given situation is admirable and shows strength far deeper than surface level.

Happy, to me, doesn’t mean excitable, giggly, ecstatic or over-the-top deliriousness. It means content and relaxed, yet poised. Ready to go but happy to stay. Always able to see the funny side, to learn or probe further. Happy means asking the questions because you’re genuinely interested in the answer; not to see how you compare but to consider a new perspective.

Happy is having nothing to prove, being at peace with past actions whilst welcoming the future and whatever it may bring. Happiness isn’t some unknown destination that you may or may not reach; it can be found in every second of every day. Here’s what happy people know:

1. Everything is a choiceToday In: Small Business

When you’re on a long haul flight you can choose to focus on the fact that the person in front reclined their seat at the earliest opportunity, the person behind is tapping away at the back of your headrest like a woodpecker and the baby two rows in front is screaming at the top of its voice. You can complain that your food is too dry and the turbulence is too bumpy, your TV screen doesn’t work and you were 15 minutes late to take off.

Or, you can choose to marvel in amazement that you are hurtling through the air, from one country to another, soon to land safely thanks to miraculous feats of engineering and physics and human skill. You can be grateful that you can afford to take a flight and that you have the time available to do it. That you’re healthy enough to fly; there are people who will miss you when you’re away and others who are looking forward to seeing you when you arrive. You can choose to be happy that you can read a book or listen to music or look out of the window and view the world from above.

Happy people know that there are two ways of viewing every single situation. It’s completely your choice.

2. Happiness is your responsibility

Happy people know that they alone are responsible for their happiness. They know that no one can make them feel anything without their explicit consent. Happy people aren’t looking for any external events to dictate their mood because they know it’s their responsibility to get intentional about their day to day and the general direction of their lives and careers. They aren’t under any illusion that someone else is going to do this for them, so they don’t expect it.

They know that rarely is a situation 100% out of their control. They can always take responsibility for their attitude and actions, no matter what is going on around them.

Similarly, they know that someone else’s happiness is not their responsibility. You can treat people well, and help empower them to find their happiness, but it’s not your job to fix someone or carry them…

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