3 tips to help you play the game of life

3 tips to help you play the game of life

What’s life about if not to enjoy happiness?

I don’t mean the selfish, narcissistic type of “happiness” that’s really hedonism. But rather, the genuine type of happiness that’s about fully engaging with and in life (for all it is and isn’t).

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A big part of my job as a coach is supporting clients to play the game of life with a sense of purpose, grace, and ease.  Seeing life as a game isn’t always easy. However, in an age when robots will soon be able to do almost every job better than humans, being playful remains a uniquely human quality.  Seeing life as a game will also make your life (and the lives of those around you) a whole lot lighter and more fun.

When you find your sense of playful grace and ease being challenged -perhaps you’re stressed by an exchange or exhausted by trying to perfect a task-  it could be that you’re making whatever it is all about you.  There may be some part of you that believes that delivering a positive outcome will mean you are not a loser. In other words, you are attached.

1. It is possible to be committed, but not attached

When a client comes to me with an attached mindset of ‘I am this project/relationship.  If it succeeds then I succeed, if it fails, I have failed,’ I try to help them see how they need not make the outcome all about them.

If you can say:  This project is my responsibility and I commit fully to a positive outcome, but whether it succeeds or fails will not impact who I am or how I see myself,’  this is being committed without being attached.Today In: Leadership

Being committed without being attached includes the possibility of experiencing lightness and fun

One of my favorite books is The Art Of Possibility written by two extraordinary authors: the Psychologist, Rosamund Stone Zander and her husband Benjamin, who is one of world’s preeminent orchestral conductors. It’s  all about how to live a fuller, more creative, generous life.  Rosamund and Benjamin don’t preach. The whole book is made up entirely of wonderfully told, funny, warm and engaging stories: little parables which have made The Art Of Possibility so popular with generative people everywhere.  Like Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, I regard ALL people as creative.  It’s another thing that separates us from Robots…

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