7 things to give up to increase your happiness (and success)

7 things to give up to increase your happiness (and success)

via Forbes by William Arruda

These seven things act as dampers on your energy, positivity and capability. When you nix them, you’ll find yourself more confident, motivated and approachable—and those are valuable personal brand traits.

1. Complaining. Sure, venting can make you feel good for a moment, but it does nothing to help you resolve the issue you’re moaning about, and it doesn’t move anyone forward. It just anchors you in the negative, which will work against you. Rather than complain, acknowledge the situation or problem and take action to make things better. When you complain, you’re making yourself a victim. When you act with positive intention, you become a superhero. And group complaining is even worse. When you see Debbie Downer at the coffee station trying to recruit people to be part of her grumbler get-together, steer clear.

2. Gossip. A close cousin of complaining is gossiping. It’s part of every office culture regardless of how positive the workplace is, and it’s unproductive. It can also sabotage your career. You don’t want your brand to be Office Gossip. Spend more time praising and promoting others so you have little time to engage in unproductive rumor mills. Just as you need to detour around Debbie Downer, get out of the way of Gossiping Greg too. It takes two or more to gossip, so Debbie and Greg are always on the prowl for buddies.Today In: Leadership

3. Regret. Regret is an ugly state of mind, especially if you dwell endlessly on multiple past mistakes. It sounds like this: “I wish I had said…” “If only I were better at…” “If I hadn’t done that…” When you lament the past, you turn your attention away from the present and the future—where you’re able to shine. Think of past failures or dubious decisions as valuable learning and use those lessons to be an even better version of yourself today…

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