practice these small habits every day for more happiness

practice these small habits every day for more happiness

via the Ladders by Diana Simpson

It’s not always easy to feel empowered and motivated but, fortunately, it’s something we can learn to do with a little self-analysis and daily practice. When you know yourself inside and out, you’ll gain confidence and have a new sense of clarity. Take the time to discover what you like and what you don’t like. What makes you happy, what energises you. Be kind to yourself and show yourself some compassion.

We teamed up with Tom Fortes Mayer, Meditation Teacher at FreeMind to help you find more peace, power and purpose for a happier life.

Gratitude practices

It’s a wonderful feeling when a wave of gratitude moves through us – we feel pleased to be alive and modern life seems worthwhile. It’s delightful when that arises naturally and yet we don’t have to wait for it to occur randomly. It makes more sense to actively cultivate the mindset of gratitude. It reduces stress and increases a sense of peace. Gratitude is the feeling of having enough, being enough and life being in essence good. To increase the gratitude you have in your life, take time to think about the people in your life that are a blessing. Select three people and send them a loving message today to tell them that you are grateful they are in your life.

Random acts of kindness

It’s a lovely thing to make the conscious decision to randomly do something nice for someone you love. However, it is even more amazing to do something for someone you don’t know. The degree to which we are able to unconditionally love other people is a direct reflection of how unconditionally loving we can be of ourselves. That is why it is so powerful to do something lovely for people you don’t know. This can be as simple as offering to carry someone’s bag, or helping someone to cross the road – although a favourite, is leaving anonymous notes of kindness in public places for people to find. Look for opportunities today to go above and beyond and your chances of having a happier day will have dramatically improved…

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