On what should you focus for happiness and success?

On what should you focus for happiness and success?

One of the most common reasons many people are not as happy or successful as they could be is because of distractions.

There are so many things to which we can pay attention; and many of us, therefore, pay attention to the wrong things.

Happiness and success, however, require a disciplined focus on what’s really important; not what’s shiny and new, or apparently urgent, or most noisy, but what’s really important. And here’s how you can do a better job of this and thus enjoy more happiness…

via the Harvard Business Review by Alice Boyes

Do you get to the end of the day and feel that you’ve met your most pressing deadlines but haven’t accomplished anything that’s fundamentally important? You’re hardly alone. In a series of studies recently published in the Journal of Consumer Research, people typically chose to complete tasks that had very short deadlines attached to them, even in situations in which tasks with less pressing deadlines were just as easy and promised a bigger reward…

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