Why thinking more positively is SO HELPFUL and 5 steps to doing it better

Why thinking more positively is SO HELPFUL and 5 steps to doing it better

There are many things that can contribute to happiness and success.

But there’s no doubt, that one of the most significant is positive thinking (as long as the “positive” is also “realistic”). So if you want more happiness and if you believe your thinking could be more positive then keep reading for some great tips…

via the Ladders by Alex Tsepko

About a year ago, my team and I at Skylum hit a turbulent period. We were doing great as a company, yet we came face to face with some unique and difficult challenges on account of entering a new B2B market, building and testing new products, and revamping our customer service process — all in addition to selling our services in more and more countries across the world. We ultimately had to restructure our team and rethink the way we were communicating with customers, marketing partners, and the media.

All told, this required a lot of work and a lot of grit, day in and day out. There were long nights and many moments in which it would have been easy to write certain projects off as failures. To give up, in other words.

Instead, we committed to thinking positively, which helped inspire us to continue working harder and more creatively for improvements and solutions. Now, the B2B side of our business is thriving, as are our new processes and systems. And I can see just how much more engaged and motivated my entire team is on a daily basis.

Here’s the truth: nurturing and maintaining a deliberately positive mindset is a crucial component of professional and personal success

It amounts to a strategic commitment to finding and creating positive outcomes. And it’s in fact more crucial than most of us initially think. But unfortunately, staying positive isn’t always easy. Our brains are wired to be cynical and to avoid risks. And negativity — just like positivity — is self-reinforcing. The more we practice thinking negatively and finding the worst in each situation, the more regularly we’ll operate like that.

That said, thinking positively is not impossible. And there are certain habits and practices you can adopt and abide by to practice cautious positivity over time — both in your personal life and in your career. Here are a few that have worked best for me.

1) Always get a good night’s sleep

You’ve likely heard this before, but it really is absolutely essential. It’s a matter of positioning yourself to start each day as prepared as possible for success and positivity. Thinking and operating positively starts with waking up positively. When you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you inevitably wake up frustrated, agitated, and tired…

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