Give up these 4 things and you can be free

Give up these 4 things and you can be free

It’s often been said that happiness is freedom.

Happiness is not necessarily having it all; but happiness is almost certainly having the choice to do and to be who and what you want.

Yet freedom, just like happiness, can be elusive; which is why this article is worth a read…

via the Ladders by Darius Foroux

True freedom is to live as you are, to do what you want, and to spend time with people you like.

For many of us, true freedom is a distant dream. We’re tied down by obligations that we never wanted in the first place. So why do we still end up living a life we don’t want?

We live in deception because the truth is too painful. But no one wants to live in deception, as the stoic philosopher Epictetus once observed (quote is from The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday):

“Who wishes to live in deception—tripped up, mistaken, undisciplined, complaining, in a rut? No one. These are base people who don’t live as they wish; and so, no base person is free.”

We all know that everything has a price. So what does it take to be truly free? If you want to live on your own terms and do as you please, you must give up the following 4 things.

1. Lies

The seeker of truth will be free of deception, lies, and negativity. The seeker of truth will see everything for what it is.

Remember this: The truth will make you stronger. Too often, we hide from reality. We don’t want to face our problems. But our problems are not problems. It is merely the truth. Why can the truth be a problem?

We all have this sense of loneliness inside of us. We feel restricted. Anxious.

That’s truth, trying to come out of you. Always be honest with yourself. If something is bothering you, address it. Do not ignore it.

That’s how people end up in relationships that eat them up alive. That’s how people can’t look at themselves in the mirror. And that’s how people never take action in their lives and die with regret.

Give up lies. Instead, follow the path of truth. It will set you free…

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