How physical activity relieves stress

How physical activity relieves stress

Happiness is about focusing on and promoting what’s good.

Happiness is also about identifying and managing what’s not so good; like stress.

And one of the best ways to feel good and reduce stress is through physical activity…

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“Stress can be caused by many things in our busy lives, including financial pressures, health difficulties, work deadlines, and relationship issues. It can impair our sleep and our ability to deal with the everyday pressures of life,” explains general practitioner Dr Jill Gamberg.

We know that physical activity can benefit our bodies but, when it comes to stress relief, it is important to not overlook the benefit of regular exercise for the mind.

Physical activity can benefit your body and your mind.
Physical activity can benefit your body and your mind.CREDIT:STOCKSY

With stress having the ability to cause or worsen anxiety and depression, impair our decision-making processes, and make us short-tempered, it is so important to move our bodies daily.

“Most of our jobs in today’s day and age are sedentary. Some of us are sitting for periods of up to 8-10 hours per day. This can have many detrimental effects on our bodies and minds,” Dr Gamberg says.

“One of the best ways to help improve stress is to incorporate physical activity into our lives. Whether that is incidental activity like taking the stairs instead of the lift, or parking further away from our destination to increase the distance walked to where we are going.”

Of course, there are plenty of structured physical activity options, including dance classes, HIIT training, weight lifting, pilates, yoga, running, cycling, playing tennis, and swimming. It is really about picking an option that works for you, so you are likely to incorporate it into your daily life…

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