Self care need not be expensive. Check out these LOW COST strategies for your mental health

Self care need not be expensive. Check out these LOW COST strategies for your mental health

via the Ladders by Elizabeth Su

The wellness industry, which grew 12.8% from 2015-2017 to a $4.2 trillion global market, has done an amazing job at convincing us that self-care is a luxury.

I fell straight into the trap of thinking exotic yoga retreats, expensive green juices, and fancy trips to the spa were the only ways to practice self-care. Over the years I’ve learned (as has my wallet) that self-care doesn’t need to be so elaborate. Rather, the best forms of self-care are those everyday practices that help you feel more balanced, more present, and more intentional on a regular basis.

Here are five simple self-care practices that don’t cost a dime:

1. Meditate For 10 Minutes Per Day

Meditation, which has its roots in Buddhism, is about:

1) paying attention to present momentary experiences (i.e. not trying to change or get rid of them).

2) cultivating non-judgemental awareness so you learn to accept things as they are.

According to Rachel O’Neill, Ph.D. LPCC-S, and Ohio-based Talkspace therapist who specializes in the use of mindfulness-based approaches to counseling, “Just about everyone can benefit from regular meditation practice.”

“Research consistently tells us that daily meditation can have both physical and mental health benefits,” O’Neill explained. “For those who do experience anxiety, worry, or fear, meditation can be an especially helpful tool as they begin to learn how to adopt a more present-focused mindset.”

For anyone who is worried about the time commitment, take comfort in the fact that a recent 2018 study on mindfulness meditation suggests 10 minutes is all people need to reap the benefits of meditation. Study results found that even people who were new to meditation experienced reduced stress, increased focus, and lower levels of anxiety by just practicing meditation for 10 minutes per day…

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