Get more done with these 6 daily rituals

Get more done with these 6 daily rituals

Sometimes we need to rest and relax.

Too many of us equate happiness and success with achievement and being busy.

Although there’s some truth to this, happiness and success are just as much about being satisfied with what you have, taking care of your health, and managing your time rather than just working as many hours as possible.

But these are all topics for another day; productivity is important as too is accomplishment and achievement. They make us feel good and proud and they motivate us to achieve even more.

So check out these 6 great daily habits and consider how you can integrate some or all of them in to your life…

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Ever wish you had 30 hours in a day to get more stuff done? Then again, how tired would you feel? You may already be exhausted by working eight hours per day.

Well, if you’re struggling to juggle work and life while trying to maximize your day without killing your health in the process, remember this: Being more productive doesn’t mean working harder or longer; it means working smarter.

Here are six ways to be more productive, the smart way:

1. Cut down the distractions.

Distractions are productivity’s biggest enemy. To make the most of your day, ax whatever is keeping you from being focused and productive. Take your work environment into account. Is sound/noise, lighting, the way the room is configured–like open-floor plans–a problem? Try relocating┬áto a different space or make a case for working remotely. The key is finding out what distractions are messing with your productivity, and then doing something about it…

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