Here’s how you can change those self-limiting beliefs you have about yourself

Here’s how you can change those self-limiting beliefs you have about yourself

Via by Scott Maultz

We’re all made up of stories. In fact, life is one long narrative and we’re all trying to write the best chapters we can before “The End.” A deep way to start this article, I know, but the fact is we dig a deep hole for ourselves when we misconstrue our own story.

You know the drill. There’s some limiting, deep-seated belief you have about yourself, an old story you keep telling yourself. It holds you back. The story isn’t the objective account of your day-to-day life. Instead, as psychiatrist and Harvard Medical School professor John Sharp said in his TEDx talk, “It’s the story you’ve been telling yourself about who you are and how everything always plays out.”

It often has some degree of catastrophe to it. It might be built on your assumption of what you can’t do, what always happens, or what never happens. It’s what writer Marilynne Robinson calls your “mean little myth.”

My old story is that what I do is never enough. Yes, I ascended to run multibillion-dollar businesses at Procter & Gamble. But there are others doing better, faster. Sure, I’m a successful keynote speaker now, I guess. But my February calendar wasn’t full enough. Have I sold a lot of books and won several industry awards for them? Yeah, but others have sold far more books or have more followers of their column.

Never. Enough.

And this from someone who wrote viral articles on how to stop yearning for the approval of others and on the importance of believing that you’re already enough. I promise you all of the aforementioned wasn’t a cloaked humble-brag. My old story is certainly nothing to brag about. But I’m getting better at rewriting my narrative.

And you can, too.

Here’s how, with help from Sharp and from sharp, painful lessons I’ve learned…

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