Take a different type of walk – and enjoy more happiness

Take a different type of walk – and enjoy more happiness

You’re probably aware that mindfulness and happiness are correlated.

But you might not really understand that mindfulness is not just something you do for 10 or 15 minutes; but rather, is something that can and should be integrated in to every aspect of life.

As such, a mindful life can be a happier life.

And this contributor to happiness can even involve how you walk…

via TED Ideas by Daniella Balarezo

Try these five strategies to step out of your routine and wake up to the life around you, says urban explorer Eugene Quinn.

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Boredom. Wanderlust. These feelings come and go throughout our days, and we tend to bat them away. But there’s a no-cost, passport-free way to satisfy them both.

How? By taking an intentional walk through your town or city, says Eugene Quinn, who leads unusual walking tours through his adopted hometown of Vienna.

“In Vienna, when people imagine taking a walk, they think of going to a lake or a park. I think that’s a mistake,” he says. “We should go for a walk in our own neighborhoods, rather than try to escape.”

What does he suggest? “Close your door on a Saturday morning, and go off in a direction you’ve never been before. Just walk in a direction for an hour, and see what happens.” Open up, he says, “to the potential of finding stuff by accident, finding yourself, and enjoying the freeness” of wandering without an objective.

Here are his five suggestions for how you can take an intentional walk…

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