Do you hate mornings? Well wake up happier with this one, simple question!

Do you hate mornings? Well wake up happier with this one, simple question!

Happiness can be made or not first thing in the morning.

If you get your day off to a positive start, the rest can flow with joy and positivity.

But not everyone’s a morning person; and although that obviously doesn’t completely rule out happiness or success it can definitely make it more difficult.

So if you want to start your days with a smile more often, keep reading…

via TED Ideas by Daryl Chen

Most of us have been in its grip before — the alarm goes off, our mind starts whirring away, and before we know it, we’ve done a freefall into worry. Neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett has been there, too, and she tells us how we can stop the spiral.

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How often does this happen to you?

“You wake up, and as you’re emerging into consciousness, you feel this horrible dread, this real wretchedness. Immediately, your mind starts to race,” says neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett. “You think about all the crap that you have to do at work — you have that mountain of email which you will never dig yourself out of, the phone calls you have to return, and that important meeting across town. You’re going to have to fight traffic, you’ll be late picking your kids up, your dog is sick, and what are you going to make for dinner? Oh my God. What is wrong with my life?”

OK, you may not have the dog, the kids or the meeting across town, but what about the rest — the cascading catalog of to-dos, the sinking feeling that you’re behind even before your day has started, and the headlong tumble into despair?


According to Barrett, those last two sentences of the above scenario — the “Oh my God. What is wrong with my life?” part — are especially treacherous. Why? Because too often we come to the sweeping and inaccurate conclusion that our life stinks.

But we don’t have to take this misery lying down, says Barrett…

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