Are you engaging in enough leisure activity?

Are you engaging in enough leisure activity?

Life’s far too important to take too seriously.

Happiness is about working towards and achieving meaningful goals.

But happiness is also about fun and play, relaxation and recuperation.

One of the activity types too many of us ignore when it comes to happiness is … leisure.

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via Psychology Today by Shoba Sreenivasan, Ph.D., and Linda E. Weinberger, Ph.D.

Overworked, over-scheduled, and under constant bombardment of stimulation by all of our digital devices and pressure to do something (e.g., answer emails, texts, voicemails), we have become conditioned to view decompressing and doing nothing as a waste of time. In the not so distant past, people spent a lazy afternoon napping or puttering about the house or “chewing the fat” with a neighbor as a guiltless activity.

Often, leisure is viewed as something to be reserved for retirement when there are much more limited obligations and more financial security. Yet, leisure is critical across the age-span; it is not just for retirees. As sleeprecharges the body, time spent decompressing from constant demands energizes our psyche. Leisure can reduce stress as well as encourage socialization and the development of relationships.

What is leisure, exactly?

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