Happiness is … turning setbacks into building blocks for growth

Happiness is … turning setbacks into building blocks for growth

Happiness is NOT … everything going right.

Even the happiest people face problems and adversity.

Happiness IS … dealing with these challenges; as effectively and quickly as possible. Here’s how…

via the Ladders by Christopher D Connors

“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” Jeff Bezos

So, how did you get your start in this whole entrepreneurship thing? Was it your plan from day one, or did you kind of back into it, realizing through adversity, setbacks or maybe even failures, that you were destined to take the wheel of your own dream?

Whether you’ve just arrived and are yet to encounter difficulty, or perhaps you already know far too well what it’s all about, you’ll realize that professional success is about moving forward through challenging periods. The greatest entrepreneurs — and their businesses — have been shaped by setbacks, adversity, mistakes and even failures.

At the onset of any venture, we don’t have to worry about the bright lights shining on us and examining all of our test runs, trial and (many) errors, and certainly not worrying about having these exposed to the public.

And honestly, that’s a good thing. We can mess up, virtually, in private. We can make fools of ourselves, and even laugh at ourselves. Once you become known all over the world, every move you make is under the microscope. Just ask Elon Musk…

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