Happiness lessons from my holiday

Happiness lessons from my holiday

from Monday’s weekly and free eNewsletter…

Over the New Year break I was lucky enough to travel with my family overseas and we all enjoyed some wonderful experiences…

…not one to ever completely “switch off”, I also made some observations about life and happiness that I thought I’d share with you today.

I hope you find them useful : )

If you’ve ever travelled to a new and unfamiliar place then you’ll know that getting lost occasionally (or often!) is par for the course. Yet this need not be a bad thing. On my recent trip I was reminded that:

  • some of the best discoveries come from losing your way
  • and there are always people available and willing to help (as long as you’re not afraid to ask)

Regular readers of this eNewsletter will more than likely know that I’m a big fan of habits and routines; setting yourself up for happiness and success is far more likely with the right foundations in place. That being said, I was also recently reminded that:

  • breaking out of routines and trying new things is energising and stimulating; although it can be difficult and even anxiety provoking, more often than not it contributes to positive emotions such as excitement and joy

And finally, seeing new things puts the old and familiar things we see every day in to perspective. Which leads in to another learning which is that…

  • we should never take our lives and our current circumstances for granted. Much of that to which we’ve grown accustomed is, in reality, special and deserving of our appreciation 

I’m still reflecting upon the wonderful opportunity my family and I recently enjoyed and I’m sure there’ll be many more lessons I decide to share with you. But for now, this trip has reminded me of the powers inherent in…

  • purposefully getting lost every now and then
  • being brave enough to reach out and ask for help when needed
  • trying new things often
  • and practicing gratitude each and every day

…So that’s today’s mailing. Take some time to reflect upon the message and how it might apply to you. Check out, also, the links below for some additional readings and resources.

I hope it helps you enjoy some more happiness. Until next time…

Keep well & keep smiling
Tim Sharp (aka Dr Happy)