We all need help sometimes; here’s how to ask for it!

We all need help sometimes; here’s how to ask for it!

Happiness is about relationships – give and take.

Resilience is about reaching out and asking for help – so it too is partially about others.

Life can be hard and we all need help, sometimes, to stay well and live well.

Yet sometimes it’s hard to ask…

via Forbes by Kathy Caprino 

For so many professionals today, the stress they’re experiencing in their work-lives has become virtually unsustainable. Workplace stress kills thousands of Americans each year (estimated at over 120,000 deaths) and contributes up to $190 billion in healthcare expenses annually.

What aspects of our work cause the most stress? According to the World Health Organization, research reveals that the most stressful type of work is “that which values excessive demands and pressures that are not matched to workers’ knowledge and abilities, where there is little opportunity to exercise any choice or control, and where there is little support from others.”

On the other hand, employees are less likely to experience work-related stress when: 1) requirements of their work are matched to their knowledge and know-how, 2) control can be exercised over their work and the way they do it, 3) support is received from supervisors and colleagues, and 4) participation in decisions that concern their jobs is allowed.

To learn more about how to address our workplace stress by asking for help, I was excited to catch up with Dr. Andrea Goeglein, a positive psychologist who specializes in human development, stress reduction, and work-life balance. Goeglein is the Founder of ServingSuccess, a Las Vegas advisory that helps individuals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders apply Positive Psychology to help them reach their goals while increasing their levels of happiness, productivity, and satisfaction. Goeglein holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology, a Masters in Human Resource and Organizational Development, and she’s a Certified Happiness Coach, and an Applied Positive Psychology Coach.

Goeglein explains, “Most people who experience stress at work just put their heads down and barrel through it, but that’s not actually the most efficient way to deal with it. One of the best ways to reduce work-related stress is to ask for help from your co-workers.” She shares, “People mistakenly believe it makes them look weak, but it’s actually the most professionally responsible thing to do because working under high stress can negatively impact your decision-making and productivity, increase mistakes, and damage the overall outcome of whatever project you’re working on.”

Here’s what Goeglein offers in terms of how to handle your stress more effectively and ask for help…

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