How to become your own favourite person

How to become your own favourite person

Happiness … is not about selfishness or narcissism.

But happiness … is about loving and liking yourself; being comfortable in your own skin.

What if, then, you were your own favourite person? Your own best friend? Surely that would be good for your happiness…

via the Ladders by Maxie McCoy

Our favorite people. We love them. We look up to them. We laugh loudly with them. And they inspire us. Deeply. But that inspiration falls flat if you don’t do anything about it. What better way to honor your favorite people than by doing something to better yourself in honor of their existence.

I’ve been reflecting on the person I want to be. The person I want to show up as. Not the person who has done X, Y, and Z, because screw that. I know I can achieve. But who can I BE in the moments … can I be the person who inspires someone else? Can I be the person that makes someone feel both deeply loved as they are while encouraging them to expand into more? Can I be the person that gives back to my community? Can I be the person that stands for herself first, so she can stand for others next? And what will it take to become her?

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