To get happier … get out of your own way!

To get happier … get out of your own way!

via Forbes by Deirdre Maloney

Let’s get down to it. We all want to be happy. It feels good and it gives us energy and it makes us a lot more fun to be around.

True happiness often feels like an elusive quest. Some of us can’t seem to get there at all. Some of us are happy-ish but can’t seem to get more of it.

Why? Far too often we stand smack dab in our own way. Even worse, we don’t even know it.

That is, we didn’t even know it. Until today. Because we’re about to get real about how we mess with our own happiness, and how to stop.

I present to you the following tips…

#1: Embrace the Happiness Ratio

The first problem is that we often fail to recognize whether or not we’re happy in the first place. We don’t take even one second to consider if we’re truly happy in our jobs and our relationships and our hobbies. We just move through them every day, noticing that sometimes we don’t sleep well, sometimes we honk the car horn louder than necessary, sometimes we snap at the dog.

To get at this problem, consider the happiness ratio. This quick nugget of wisdom states that we must be happy in every part of our lives a minimum of 70% of the time.

Consider that statement again. We must be happy a minimum of 70%, and in every area (averages don’t count). I came to this number after conducting research with plenty of happy and not-so-happy folks.

It’s a fair number, right? So write down the various components of your life and honestly assess where they fall. Notice which ones fall short of 70%. Notice which ones fall very short. It’s time to change them…

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