Stop sabotaging your own happiness and success!

Stop sabotaging your own happiness and success!

Too many of us undermine our own happiness and success.

Too many of us speak to ourselves in ways that eats away at health and happiness.

Self-sabotage will cruel your happiness; unless you recognise and stop it ASAP…

via by Christina DesMarais

Everybody has doubts about their strengths and abilities. And lots of successful peoplesuffer from imposter syndrome, which is when you secretly believe that what you’ve achieved in life is mere luck and at any moment people will figure out you’re a fraud. (Never mind that the highest achieving people create their own luck.) But regardless of what you’re good at–or not good at–what’s more important is how you talk about yourself to the world. Here’s what you need to stop doing right now.

Putting yourself down in front of others

This behavior makes the people in your circles uncomfortable. It’s one thing to laugh at a mistake you’ve made, and entirely another to say something like “I’m so dumb.” According to Deirdre Maloney, author of Tough Truths: The Ten Happiness Lessons We Don’t Talk About, it’s the difference between joking about what you did, versus putting down the person you are. “When you are willing to put yourself down to others–no matter how insignificant or funny it might seem–you are disrespecting yourself,” she writes. “Which means you are telling the other person (and yourself) that you are not worthy of respect.”

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