If you ever feel like the “bad guys” are winning, read this…

If you ever feel like the “bad guys” are winning, read this…

by Dr Tim Sharp (aka Dr Happy)

Sometimes I find it best to ignore it…

…other times I know I have to face and cope with it!  

To what am referring?

The fact there are bad people who do bad things in this world! 

I know that won’t come as a shock or surprise to many of you. And to be honest, it’s not something that surprises me. I’m not a “naive” optimist. I certainly try to see the good but I also try to be realistic.

But although it doesn’t surprise me it does, at times, overwhelm me. When I hear about bullies and bigots, hatred and intolerance, inequality and violence, I can’t help but ask “why?”

I know we won’t all see eye to eye; but why can’t we all accept each other’s differences?

And because of the overly negative focus of most of our media outlets it often seems as though the bad guys are winning. But are they really?

Take a minute or two to reflect upon your world, the real world, and try to determine what’s really true. Then keep reading below for some tips about how us “good guys” can win! 

…So that’s today’s mailing. Take some time to reflect upon the message and how it might apply to you. Check out, also, the links below for some additional readings and resources.

I hope it helps you enjoy some more happiness. Until next time…

Keep well & keep smiling
Tim Sharp (aka Dr Happy)