Want to be happy? Find the things that bring you joy!

Want to be happy? Find the things that bring you joy!

via Inc.com by Rhett Power

So what should you be spending your time on anyway? This is an extremely important question for all of us. But we often ignore it because we are so used to living life a certain way. We have gotten into a rut and we don’t really care to make the effort to change anything. But by not caring, we are missing out on the best that life has for us. Sometimes, in the middle of all our business, it is hard to find the truly worthwhile activities. But by asking a few thoughtful questions, it is possible to find out which things really give us joy. Here are five questions to help you get started.

1. What activities can you see yourself doing in ten years? The really worthwhile activities are the ones that will last. Of all your activities, which ones do you want to continue for decades? Which ones can you do now and later in life? Which ones will hold your attention for years on end. These are the ones that you want to invest the most in.

2. What activities take you out of your comfort zone? Believe it or not, activities that stretch us will bring us joy. If we are always comfortable and at ease, we will eventually get bored with life. Activities that are constantly helping us learn and grow are the ones that will make us fulfilled. So you want to spend your time on activities that give you a little thrill – even a little scare sometimes…

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