If you have your priorities right, you’re never too busy for self-development

If you have your priorities right, you’re never too busy for self-development

How can you not have time to create happiness and success?

We all have time; it’s just that some people have different priorities.

But if we prioritise health and wellbeing, happiness and success, then these strategies should make their way into your to-do lists…

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As a busy executive, you are always looking for ways to improve your efficiency at work. Every day, you face a myriad of responsibilities and staff needs, all of which pull you in different directions. The demands of the job are high, which means you need to learn how to destress and focus on the right things in order to become a more effective leader.

Personal development offers busy professionals a way to maximize their skills, as well as learn new ways to handle the pressures of their position. By learning new personal development techniques, you can become a better leader, as well as reach important goals more reliably.

Below, seven members of Forbes Coaches Council share some of the most valuable personal development techniques they typically recommend to busy executives. Here’s what they said:

Members discuss a few personal development approaches busy leaders can use.PHOTOS COURTESY OF INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS

1. Know Yourself

I recommend executives assess and understand their aptitude (in-born psychometrics), understand their attitude (work culture) and what I call their altitude, better known as emotional intelligence. This will help them understand where they’re coming from. It will also give them insight into their management style and hiring techniques. – Jacob M Engel, Yeda LLC/The Prosperous Leader

2. Positive Psychology

I would recommend a simple intervention that would improve burnout, emotional maturity, well-being, and engagement, such as positive psychology. Individuals who practice positive psychology attempt psychological interventions (e.g., meditation), which fosters positive attitudes and self-awareness. – Bonnie Ferrell, Change Leadership Consultant

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