Think you’re just average? Here are 6 ways to be awesome!

Think you’re just average? Here are 6 ways to be awesome!

via by Marcel Schwantes

If you’ve ever felt like you’re just the average Joe or Jane, I have news for you. Anybody can be awesome.

Being awesome doesn’t mean having off-the-chain leadership skills at work or killing it with your uncanny negotiation prowess.

Smart, talented, pretty, tall, charismatic, funny. If you know people like that, they’re no more awesome than anyone else just because they have desired attributes.

Truth is, you can be awesome by choice the moment you step out of bed every morning. It’s part of having a growth mindset, as espoused by psychologist Carol Dweck.

That’s reaching a point where you don’t mind or fear failure as much because you realize you can improve your work, relationships, leadership or performance simply by learning and picking up new habits. And learning comes from failure (more on that below).

6 unconventional ways to be an awesome person

If you want to learn a few new tricks that will elevate your average status to that of “awesome,” try learning and adapting the behaviors of the most successful people on the planet.

1. Be awesome by showing resilience.

Things happen and we all experience setbacks and disappointments. That’s why having a coping mechanism when facing hurdles or getting crushed is key to bouncing back.

Rather than avoiding our emotions, judging our thoughts, or rehashing the past, University of Nevada, Reno, psychologist Steven Hayes says the right way to cope is to accept your thoughts and feelings and view them with curiosity.

At the same time, says Hayes, think consciously about what you really care about in life, and how you want to be in the world. Then, organize your behavior around those values you’ve identified as near and dear to you…

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