The value of having a buddy

The value of having a buddy

by Dr Tim Sharp (aka Dr Happy)

Just over a week ago, I was honoured to speak at the BOKideas first Buddy Breakfast (if you have a Facebook account you can check out some pics HERE.

I say “first” because they’re continuing on with a National Tour (locations and details HERE)!

Why was this such an honour? 

Because in my humble opinion, it’s a BRILLIANT and IMPORTANT idea that I’m so happy to support and that I’d love to see more of.

Let me start at the beginning…

Several months ago, the founder of BOKideas (Kietah Martens-Shaw) approached me to garner my thoughts about her new enterprise. We swapped a few messages, then met in the “real world”, and I have to say it was love at first sight!

Not with Kietah! Although she is very loveable; but with her B OK boxes. These boxes are care packages you can send to a friend, loved one or colleague and they’re specially designed to help that person navigate through difficult times.

I’ve written before about my personal struggles with depression; and how it took me years before I knew how to talk about it and what to say to others. But what was also difficult, was that those who loved and cared for me also didn’t know what to do or say! I have a wonderful, loving and caring family; and I’d like to think I have some good, close friends. But the reality is that most of them were pretty clueless when it came to knowing how best to talk to or support me.

In short, the BOK boxes provide an easy and effective solution to this dilemna. 

The event at which I spoke a week or so ago offered so much more than just a box. B OK Ideas is now on a mission to build a community of those who want to be part of what Kietah has called #thesupporttrend.

And this is something I definitely want to be part of; and I hope you do to. Because I know, from personal experience AND from several decades working as a clinical psychologist that one of, if not THE most important contributors to health, wellbeing, happiness and recovery is … social support and positive relationships.

I happily shared my story with the wonderful BOK community and I’m happy to encourage you to get behind this positive movement too. Surely it would be a wonderful think if we could all support each other … through the good times and the bad. 

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