Work better with these 3 simple, mental habits

Work better with these 3 simple, mental habits

To be really happy we should work to be happy at work.

Happiness involves all aspects of life including our personal feelings, our relationships and our professional activities.

So for more happiness, a more productive attitude to and at work will undoubtedly help; and if this is something in which you’re interested then keep reading…

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Are you a negative person? If you’re at the point where you’re seriously looking to shift to the positive, step one is to change your attitude and alter your perception about your current situation.

Since that may border on cliché,​ allow me to suggest a practical plan of action focused on three mental hacks that work. This will take some commitment and intent, but it’s what the most positive people have mastered.

1. Identify your negative feelings and what keeps you in the negative.

Our emotions and behaviors often reflect what we feel about the world around us. For example, if you’re a gossiper, ask yourself, “What does my behavior reveal to others about my character?”

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably gain some insight into how you are perceived when spreading gossip. Most people I know who ask themselves this find out that they are seeking attention. And with good self-awareness, they’ll soon realize that others perceive them as, well, pretty pathetic.

The next step is to determine what supports the attitude or behavior. It may be that your workplace is toxic or you’re hanging around with some bad apples.

Sticking with the theme of gossip, a willingness to actively participate in it and listen to it is the support system that keeps feeding the attitude, leading you to gossip again. When you’re consciously aware that listening to gossip leads you to gossip, you’ve got a pretty good start on your road to change…

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