8 Successful Mental Habits to Defeat Fear, Worry, and Anxiety

8 Successful Mental Habits to Defeat Fear, Worry, and Anxiety

Want more happiness? You need to focus on the positives in your life.

But if you really want more happiness – you also need to overcome some of the negatives…

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Are you under intense pressure at work? Perhaps you’re a busy entrepreneur and founder of a startup racking up 60 hours per week to keep your business afloat. Or the CEO of a company that just got handed three months to turn the ship around.

Whatever high-impact role you’re in (it could also mean you’re the receptionist managing an insane amount of calls per day as the gatekeeper of a growing company), things like anxiety, burnout, constant worry, and even depression may be par for the course.

Mental health is serious business, and not staying on top of yours can seriously affect how you perform. If things are turbulent right now and anxiety is beating up on you, you can get your peace back. But it takes looking in the mirror, acknowledging the truth, and making changes.

Here are eight ways to take control.

1. Don’t figure things out by yourself.

Whatever problems you’re facing now, they will only amplify if you isolate yourself and think you can handle it all on your own. If that’s you, your first move is to reach out and seek community and support. Then go to battle to defeat your depression or anxiety with trusted loved ones at your side. When you can believe that you are not alone in this and have everything you need to go into battle–resources, support groups, counselors and coaches, fellow peers, family members, friends–your chances of recovery are much quicker.

2. Be real with how you feel.

Self-confession is key. Don’t deny your feelings–they are legitimate and they don’t make you weak or broken. Once you embrace them and come to terms that you’re powerless over your condition, work in community and accountability in making drastic new lifestyle changes to deal with your emotions…

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