If you’re not living your best life it might be because of these 30 excuses (but don’t fear, because here are 30 solutions!)

If you’re not living your best life it might be because of these 30 excuses (but don’t fear, because here are 30 solutions!)

One of the best ways to define happiness is … living your best life.

But one of the reasons many of us don’t enjoy as much happiness as we could is because … we’re frequently making excuses.

The good news, however, is that there are solutions; so for more happiness, keep reading this great article…

via the Ladders by Christoper Connors

“I attribute my success to this: — I never gave or took an excuse.” — Florence Nightingale

Studies show that failure is among the most common reasons for making excuses. Fear of what we don’t understand is also at the top of the list. Whatever your excuse, know this — you’ll never get to where you truly want to be if you continue to make excuses. Start making solutions instead. Here’s one excuse for every day of the month and one solution to counter each one.

1. I don’t have the time

Solution: MAKE the time. If you’re not making the time, then you’re not creating a plan for doing what you want. Start small. Look at your week. Ask yourself if you can spare two hours. You can break that out in 20-minute increments over six days, while still taking one day off. 20 minutes per day to build toward your dream? That is exponentially better than no time at all.

Use a project management tool like Trello to balance your priorities and break your tasks into projects. Children, a demanding job, a tough commute, busy social life, multiple projects to juggle? It doesn’t matter. When there’s a will, there’s a way. When you take a high-level view of your week and begin to drill-down to each day, you realize you can cut out time-wasters like watching TV, surfing the web on your smartphone and texting with your friends.

You have the time.

2. I’m too young

Solution: Mozart started composing music and performing in front of royal audiences when he was only five-years-old! Heck, my son is starting a baseball league next weekend and he just turned three! Being “too young” should never, ever be a barrier to entry for someone looking to get started — or to continue going — on their dream.

All you need is an email account to write for Medium. No age minimum. Become a voracious reader. Once you learn to read, there is literally nothing stopping you from gaining Internet access or books at your local library. The people who tell you you’re too young are the same people that want to keep you in your place while they maintain power and control. Defy them and blaze your own trail.

3. I’m too old

Solution: Allow me to regale you with a few famous people from history who accomplished extraordinary feats when they were “old”:

  • Dr. Seuss — whose birthday is today! — wrote The Cat in the Hat when he was 54 years old
  • Alfred Hitchcock did the finest work of his life in his 50s and 60s
  • Cezanne created his most incredible art in his latest years

It’s never, ever too late to start living the life you want. Desire more inspiration? Read Malcolm Gladwell’s article, Late Bloomers. It may change your life.

4. I don’t have enough money

Solution: Who says you need money? Some of the most successful people of our times rose from poverty to become titans of industry: Oprah Winfrey, Gordon Ramsey, LeBron James and many others grew up very poor and with slim odds at success. Do rich people have greater access and more advantages? Undeniably, yes.

But the fire burns brighter for those of us who weren’t handed everything we ever needed. We have to fight harder to get the capital we need to drive change and transform people’s lives. Between now and then, we have the Internet, books, access to cheap transportation and infinite possibilities to create all at low-budget costs. If you can’t be successful without money, then you likely won’t find success once you have it.

5. No one is interested in what I have to say

Solution: Become a deeper thinker. Read more, watch videos on YouTube, get out and experience your local culture. Become an expert in something you have a passion about that you know is shared by others. Suddenly, everyone’s going to want to know what the confident, intelligent woman or man has to say around social media, healthcare, digital marketing, etc…

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