10 things to say to yourself when you feel life’s just a little bit crazy!

10 things to say to yourself when you feel life’s just a little bit crazy!

Ever feel like life’s just a bit out of control?

A bit chaotic and crazy?

Ever think happiness is just an illusion? An impossible dream?

Well, we all feel like this at times. But we can all regain control and enjoy more positive emotions such as happiness if we say the right things to ourselves…

via the Ladders by Danny Rubin

If there’s one restaurant I associate with togetherness, it’s Pizza Hut.

As a kid, Pizza Hut was THE place for birthday parties and school fundraisers. During sleepovers, parents would dial up a Pizza Hut delivery, and we’d crowd around laughing, joking and devouring slice after slice.

When a steaming pie landed on the table, life slowed down. At least, it used to.

Now Pizza Hut plans, for the first time, to offer pizza by the slice. Why? Because we, the uber-connected, multitasking, hopelessly overloaded people of Planet Earth, are too busy to sit in a booth and talk to one another. We must, MUST eat on the go.

Sadly, we can’t slow down our world, even though eating alone at our desks makes us less creative.

Nevertheless, below are 10 phrases we should always find ourselves saying — no matter how crazy life becomes.

1. “Let’s get together for lunch.”

Sometimes, lunch with friends, colleagues or business associates is a breath of air in an otherwise manic workday. Who wants to sit at a desk for 8, 9 or 10 straight hours?

That’s a sure way to lose an appetite.

2. “That’s fine. It can wait.” (also will accept: “No rush”)

Just because we can have it now doesn’t mean we need it now.

Yes, the Internet keeps us moving at lightning speed, but there’s nothing wrong with a rest stop along the information superhighway.

3. “I thought I’d call you to catch up. It’s been too long.”

Why spend 20 minutes on the phone with an old friend when we can just Gchat a few quick lines? Because instant messages and texts (even hilarious auto-corrects) aren’t the same as an actual conversation, and you and I both know that…

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