Have more positive conversations by using this one, single word

Have more positive conversations by using this one, single word

If happiness is significantly determined by relationships, which it is…

…then happiness depends at least in part on interactions with others.

And given our interactions with others are often verbal; then then a significant contributor to happiness will be conversations.

Here’s how you can use ONE WORD to have more positive conversations…

via TED Ideas by Elizabeth Stokoe

British psychologist Elizabeth Stokoe studies the patterns in talk that most of us don’t even notice. She explains how her research can be used to train people to interact more effectively.

People spend a good deal of time talking to one another, and in general we do it pretty well. We might feel excited, angry, embarrassed, or — if we’re lucky — loved, in the course of our daily conversations. So is there any benefit to thinking about a science of talk? Can we really gain anything from scientific analysis of something we “just do”?

I believe we can, and I’ve spent the last 20 years studying real talk from real people talking to each other in real time. And while the linguist Noam Chomsky once described conversation as a “disorderly phenomenon,” I can tell you that it’s no such thing. Conversation is highly systematic and organized … and it tells us an incredible amount about the power of language to shape our daily lives…

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