Check out these 10 less popular happiness boosting strategies

Check out these 10 less popular happiness boosting strategies

via Psychology Today by Ryan Niemiec

When it comes to boosting well-being, researchers in positive psychology(link is external) and related fields have plenty to say. Some exercises get all the attention (e.g., mindfulness, loving-kindness meditation) and some get little attention. I plan to talk about both. This week I’ll share 10 powerful but rarely discussed interventions that emerge from well-being research. Next week I’ll share 10 of the most popular, frequently discussed interventions.

Here are 10 exercises that need more attention, and yes, character strengths(link is external) are direct or indirect aspects of each.

1.) Letter from the future

Write a letter from “your future self” to yourself in the present. In the letter, describe how positive your life is, the many goals you’ve achieved, and how you used your character strengths to get there.

2.) Prosocial spending

Identify a friend or stranger in need. Spend a small amount of money on them (e.g., a food purchase or a token item).

3.) Signature strengths at work

Examine your top 5 character strengths on the VIA Survey(link is external). Write about how you can use each of these in your average work-day. Be concrete and specific…

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