3 ways to wake up happy and energised to take on your day!

3 ways to wake up happy and energised to take on your day!

via Inc.com by Laura Garnett

How many of us sit at our desks, at a coffee shop, or in an office on autopilot, plugging away at daily tasks that feel less like the stimulating routine we envisioned and more like a daily grind?

For most of us, work equates to just that, work. It’s something we do to pay the bills, to support our families. It’s not something we necessarily need to be happy doing. But I’m here to shift your thinking. Why can’t you be deliriously happy at work? There’s no rule that says you have to settle for anything less than work that inspires you and allows you to truly shine.

Here are three things you can do right now to bring more challenge and fulfillment to your everyday work experience:1.

1. Define success for yourself

Success is a very personal thing. What motivates one person can vary drastically for another.  For me, success is spending the majority of my time focused on work or tasks that are fulfilling, leveraging my Zone of Genius, maximizing my potential, and helping others in a meaningful way. Think of what your own version of success is, write it down, and make sure that your job and career is providing the kind of success that’s important to you…

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